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Giving Back to Country

Bridging expertise within the civil and construction industry with local traditional values from Robe Valley Country

Our capabilities

Guma-Warnii is a diversified civil, rail and mining contractor geared towards flexibility and efficiency, with a commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients’ evolving requirements. 

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At Guma-Warnii, there’s no task too large or too small for us to complete. Whatever your needs, we can source – and deliver. 

Our Company

Guma-Warnii is an incorporated Joint Venture between Robe Valley Ventures and Seabreeze Contracting hailing from the Pilbara in Western Australia. We’re a private, independent local contractor that offers mining and civil construction services, labour hire, rail and cultural services to projects across Western Australia. 

We provide that critical link between industry and local knowledge and support to create a strong, dynamic business model based on mutual respect for the land and delivering the highest quality services to our clients.

"Through our collaboration with local talent pools, we are honoured to help build lasting legacies to improve surrounding local economies. It’s our way of Giving Back to Country."
Michael Venables
Director of Guma-Warnii